Baby, it's cold outside

For many Chicago folk winter means discovering how to get from Cobb Hall to Social Sciences without ever going outdoors—a complicated route that requires passing through five or so buildings. Some, however, choose to embrace the cold. Wednesday evening a few hardy skaters braved 10 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures (windchill –5) to glide around the Midway Plaisance ice rink. Located between Harper Memorial Library and the Laird Bell Law Quadrangle, the rink is open weekends and Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.

Just to the north, nestled between Woodlawn and Ellis Avenues, the new Winter Garden, a Midway Master Plan project, shows off Chicago’s latest snowfall, inviting hustling pedestrians to take a more circuitous route through the chill.

Also taking advantage of the perpetually freezing weather—highs in the teens and 20s are predicted through next week—Chicago-area ice carvers created sculptures for the University’s annual Kuviasungnerk winter festival. The artworks ring Hutch fountain, bundled in jaunty red scarves.

Phoebe Maltz, ‘05

01-30-04_cold-1_thumb.jpg 01-30-04_cold-2_thumb.jpg 01-30-04_cold-3_thumb.jpg 01-30-04_cold-4_thumb.jpg

Photos (from left to right): Photo by Phoebe Maltz, ‘04. Photo by Amber Mason, AB’03. Photo by Amber Mason, AB’03. Photo by Amber Mason, AB’03.

January 30, 2004