Let them drink Cakebread

“Full bodied and luscious in the mouth,” the 2000 Chardonnay Reserve was favored for its “creaminess” and “toasty vanilla” scent. While the crowd agreed that the white wine was as rich as Cakebread Cellars’s lavish catalog description, the tasters greeted each of the five wines offered at Tuesday’s GSB Wine Club meeting with thoughtful murmurs and appreciatively pursed lips.

The Wine Club, which meets about five times a quarter and boasts 350 members (more than any other GSB student group), gathered at the tony Gleacher Center to hear Jack Cakebread, of Napa Valley’s Cakebread Cellars, discuss his experiences in the business and, of course, his wine (most of which retails for $35 and up). Though he encouraged the future MBAs to explore winemaking as a career option, Cakebread reminded oenophiles perhaps too eager to invest that “the best way to make a small fortune in the wine business is to start with a large one.”


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January 23, 2004