Book lovers

Friday afternoon Special Collections hosted “Love in the Stacks,” a study break featuring Valentine’s Day treats and rare books about love, including a 1914–15 scrapbook by Helena Jameson Stevens and three drafts of Love Story (1916) by William Carlos Williams. The oldest item displayed was Guillaume de Lorris and Jean de Meun’s Le Rommant de la Rose printed in 1515.

Not to overlook Friday the 13th, the Library showed off Antonio Scarpa’s Tabulae Nerulogicae (1794)—morbid sketches that balanced the fluff.


02-13-04_image-1_thumb.jpg 02-13-04_image-2_thumb.jpg 02-13-04_image-3_thumb.jpg 02-13-04_image-4_thumb.jpg

February 13, 2004