Uplifting art


“I decided to paint my daughter several hours after her C-section,” says Jean Bundy, MFA’02, of her 2003–4 acrylic-on-canvas painting Post-Partum. “It felt unnatural not to help her while watching her sink into the sterility of the hospital and the agony of childbirth. … Painting her was my counter-depressant.”

Part of the Center for Gender Studies exhibit “Counter/Depression,” Post-Partum is on display at 5733 S. University, Thursday through March 20, along with other artworks addressing depression’s medicalization and privatization, its prevalence among students, and the relation between economic and psychological depression. What role, the exhibit asks, can art play in times of crisis?

Keeping with the same theme, a March 12–13 campus conference called Depression: What Is it Good For? will feature academic papers as well as creative works.


Photo: Jean Bundy
Post-Partum, 2003-4
3' x 4'
Acrylic on canvas

February 18, 2004