Beyond the ides of March

Maybe somewhere March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, but in Chicago the phrase is meaningless. St. Patrick’s Day snow? Please. Bring on the April ice storms.

We Chicagoans watch the flakes fall, admiring their downward dance, vaunting our ability to handle such long winters (“Of course I haven’t put away my hat and scarf!”), but meanwhile pining after relatives on spring break in Mexico or friends living in northern California, where it’s hit 85 degrees.

Lucky for the Magazine, photographer Dan Dry has an instinctively visual response. This morning’s snow drew him to the quads, where he turned the city’s notorious weather into art. Add one more notch to the pro-snow column.


03-17-04_image-1_thumb.jpg 03-17-04_image-2_thumb.jpg 03-17-04_image-3_thumbb.jpg 03-17-04_image-4_thumb.jpg

Photography by Dan Dry.

March 17, 2004