Chilly scenes of winter


When the Magazine decided to jump on the blog wagon, the goal was “to have more room to cover more events more quickly,” as editor Mary Ruth Yoe put it in February’s issue. But along with providing fresh campus news and views, we thought opening a more literal “window” on the quads would keep readers connected with University life’s more elemental aspects. With an every-other-daily photograph, we reasoned, far-flung alumni could get a peek at today’s campus denizens, experience the gothic ambiance, or, if they’re blessed with warmer climes, view a bitter day with a shiver of schadenfreude. And the best part was, after we’d collected a critical mass, we could make our own “flipbook.” Click Winter 2004 slideshow.

In an attempt to imitate time-lapse construction features, we snapped “Northern Exposure” in the same spot at (more or less) the same time. While some passersby, who by the dictates of their class schedule witnessed almost every shoot, stopped to tease our photographer with stalking accusations and credential demands, most whisked past nonchalantly, unaware of their momentary “stardom.” In either case, we now have a preponderance of photos, and though the wind chill has dipped back into the single digits, from our perspective Chicago is slowly taking on the appearance of spring.


Photo: The Magazine staff makes a Northern Exposure appearance.

March 12, 2004