Faith and eggs


Traditional signs of Easter abounded as boys in miniature navy suits, girls in butter- and mint-colored sundresses, and ladies in magenta bonnets with flower-clad brims arrived at Rockefeller Memorial Chapel Sunday morning. The building also was gussied up, thanks to white lilies in lavender pots, soft-hued banners draped from the ceiling, and pastel hard-boiled eggs hidden among pews.

While similar scenes played out around the country, Rockefeller’s service seemed unique to the place as Dean Alison Boden preached on the struggle between intellectualism and faith, touching on both the life of the mind and the life of the spirit.

Such age-old issues gave way to lighter fare as kids gathered in the basement post-service, attaining a simpler state of enlightenment by finding those eggs.

(top) Churchgoers file out of Rockefeller after Sunday's Easter service. Photo by Todd Stoessell. (bottom) Children gather in Rockefeller's basement before the Easter egg hunt. Photo by Todd Stoessell.

April 12, 2004