Sushi seminar


Thursday evening Chicago students washed their hands, got their fingers wet, and arranged rice on seaweed. Undergraduates Chuk Moran, ’05, and Luba Kontorovich, ’06, led the sushi-rolling seminar in an overflowing Bartlett Lounge, while event leader Annie Sheng, ’06, explained the ingredients, purchased both in Chinatown and at the Hyde Park Co-op. Participants and onlookers packed around a large table to observe the demonstration and then to have a go at preparing (and consuming) such sushi basics as cucumber and California rolls. The finished products, though not quite the sleek cylinders of sushi bars, still delighted their creators. The lounge was so crowded, however, that at least one sushi lover, unable to muscle her way to the sushi-making table, climbed the stairs to the Bartlett dining hall for a pizza slice.

The lesson, organized by the Culinary Club, was part of PanAsia 2004, an annual ten-day Asian- and Asian-American festival. Aside from “Sushi Rolling with Chuk and Luba,” this year’s PanAsia included lectures, films, and other events exploring relevant issues.

Phoebe Maltz, ’05

Photo: Chuk Moran, ’05, demonstrates sushi-rolling motions while Luba Kontorovich, ’06, chops ingredients (top). The ingredients were bought in Chinatown and the Hyde Park Co-op (bottom).

April 30, 2004