Every one Else


In Court Theatre’s adaptation of Fraulein Else, the title character, played by Whitney Sneed, renders aloud her obsessive, incessant, adolescent interior monologue, essentially holding a conversation with herself—running parallel to the plot and dialogue—for the length of the hour-and-a-half production. The audience experiences every moment of doubt and distraction as Else, a 19-year-old Viennese woman on holiday with rich relatives, struggles with her insolvent family’s demands and quickly loses touch, spiraling toward disaster.

“Both the novella [by Arthur Schnitzler] and [Francesca] Faridany’s adaptation exert an elegantly queasy pull,” wrote the Chicago Tribune’s Michael Phillips. “It’s a claustrophobic tale but a compelling one. Directed by Lucy Smith Conroy, the Court production has a sure sense of psychological compression.”

Fraulein Else runs through May 16.


May 3, 2004