Leaves of grass


When perfect autumn days arrive like Thursday’s 57-degree sunscape, Chicagoans fall in love with their city all over again. Coats and scarves—only recently dug out of closets—get spurned in favor of shades. In the quads students lounged on the grass one last time, red, yellow, brown, green leaves peppering their views of the blue sky. Some loungers even braved flip-flops and short sleeves.

Lucky for the Magazine, photographer Dan Dry captured the all too fleeting moment on campus. When winter blows in and breaks our hearts, his photos can serve as love letters from a happier season.


10-22-04_image-2_thumb.jpg 10-22-04_image-3_thumb.jpg 10-22-04_image-4_thumb.jpg 10-22-04_image-5_thumb.jpg

October 22, 2004