Java jive


Combating Sunday’s dreary weather, the Central Javanese Gamelan & Friends of the Gamelan performed a vibrant selection of Southeast Asian court music in Rockefeller Chapel. With more than 50 ornately scrolled instruments, a collection called Sri Sedånå after the rice goddess, some two dozen musicians produced hypnotic, ringing rhythms for the small crowd and representatives of Chicago’s Consulate General of Indonesia.

A mix of traditional and contemporary pieces, the music flowed from the soran (loud) style in the opening Gangsaran Bima Kurda, named for an ill-tempered giant, to the sparse …and so she died, the pale faced girl. The penultimate composition offered a masked dance in the masculine gagah style: King Klånå frets over his love for Prince Panji’s promised bride.

Presented by the Department of Music, the concert collected more than $400 for the Indonesian Disaster Relief Fund.

By A.L.M.

February 21, 2005