Let's talk about sex


U of Cers can go beyond the life of the mind, thanks to the second release of student-run sex magazine Vita Excolatur. Exploring the human body, the 25-page, glossy black-and-white publication features a photo essay on the University’s men’s Frisbee team, with full frontal nudity. Another section includes interviews with and pictures of Chicago’s sexiest male teaching assistants, as voted by readers: biology and math students Palak Desai and Semere Baraki.

The current issue is more provocative than the first, which came out in January, editor in chief Sida Xiong observed. The initial response to the magazine, she says, “was really positive overall, with criticism here and there.” Steve Klass, vice president and dean of students in the University, called Vita Excolatur “reasonably good” in a January 11 Maroon article, suggesting that writers should delve into health and other related topics. “I think that’s something we are going to touch on,” fourth-year Xiong said in a recent interview.

Vita Excolatur’s editors obtained Registered Student Organization status and backing from the Student Government Finance Committee. Readers can subscribe or find copies at the Reynolds Club or Cobb. The next issue is due in March.

By M.L.

February 7, 2005