The butts stop here

When silence fell, the scramble erupted. Lucky players in Saturday’s large-scale game of musical chairs swiftly plopped into empty seats while the desperate leftovers scurried and scuffled for remaining spots. The atmosphere at the student-organized event, which sold raffle entries and more than 150 $5-tickets to raise $1,800 for tsunami victims, was giddy—with a healthy dollop of competition—as the Henry Crown crowd relived grade-school days to the funky beat of Zapp & Roger, Al Green, and the Incredible Bongo Band, among others. The winner walked with a $400 plane ticket to anywhere, the rest with booby prizes and sore bums.


02-28-05_image-1_thumb.jpg 02-28-05_image-2_thumb.jpg 02-28-05_image-3_thumb.jpg
02-28-05_image-4_thumb.jpg 02-28-05_image-5_thumb.jpg 02-28-05_image-6.jpg


Folding chairs stretched around two basketball courts in Henry Crown (top left); contestants shuffle to the beat in an early round (top middle); a volunteer referee mediates a dispute (top right); players lunge for open seats (bottom left); in later rounds contestants were required to pat their heads and rub their stomachs, hop on one leg, and crab-walk (bottom middle); the final round (bottom right).

February 28, 2005