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For readers whose minds have not yet left for vacation or turned to mush from that constant office-chocolate rush, UChiBLOGo points you to the Research at Chicago Web site. Collecting some of the most noteworthy and fascinating research under way at Chicago, the site features groundbreaking faculty discussing their work. Computer scientist Partha Niyogi, for instance, studies how children learn language as a model for programming computers. Other interviews include law professor Cass Sunstein discussing his Chicago Judges Project, Martin Marty, PhD'56, analyzing Martin Luther, and Raghuram Rajan exploring India’s recent growth.

The site also delves into student research, the many U of C–affiliated institutes, and Argonne National Lab—including the current management-contract competition. It’s a place for brains still working—or wanting to vacation in the life of the mind.


Photo: Niyogi talks kids and computers.

December 21, 2005