No U of C Apprentice


With a broken ankle for much of the 13-week interview that comprises The Apprentice, Chicago-based business journalist Rebecca Jarvis, AB’03, earned her fellow candidates’ respect and proved qualified and experienced beyond most 23-year-olds’ ability. Yet on last night’s finale, Donald Trump chose Randal Pinkett, the 34-year-old, five-degreed Rhodes scholar who runs a consulting firm. Trump was clearly impressed with Jarvis, who began a nonprofit at age 15, was named one of “20 Teens Who Will Change the World” by Teen People magazine in February 2000, and earned a Point of Light from President Clinton. After telling Pinkett, “You’re hired,” he actually asked Pinkett if he shouldn’t hire Jarvis too, to work on a separate Trump project. Pinkett, tarnishing his nice-guy image, nixed the idea. “It’s The Apprentice,” Pinkett said, “not Apprenti.”


Photo: Rebecca Jarvis.

December 16, 2005