UChiBLOGo bears online gifts


While UChiBLOGo takes a break until January 3, we don’t want to leave our readers without work or home distractions. Here are some of our favorite holiday-themed Web activities and sites:

Make a Flake: Remember as a child, folding a sheet of paper into a triangle, cutting out various shapes, and unfolding it to find you had made a one-of-a-kind snowflake? Recapture the magic without the mess here.

The 12 Fads of YTMND (You’re the Man Now, Dog): A kitchy, pop-culture version of The 12 Days of Christmas. Turn up the volume.

Make Your Own Droidel Dreidel: Make an R2D2-inspired dreidel by printing out the Star Wars PDF and following the site’s directions. (found via grrl.com)

WXRT’s Holiday Music Channel: For holiday music that’s more John Lennon than Bing Crosby, set your computer to this holiday station. You’ll gain a whole new appreciation for holiday tunes.

A Christmas Story
in 30 Seconds (and re-enacted by bunnies): The movie’s funniest parts take on a life of their own. (found via Joy Olivia Miller)

A Beginner’s Guide to Hanukkah: Jonathan Safran Foer, author of Everything Is Illuminated, assembles a New York Times newsletter as an antidote to Hanukkah cynicism.

A Very Special Sedaris Christmas: For This American Life and David Sedaris fans, these Real Audio clips will delight. (found via Joy Olivia Miller)


Photo: A UChiBLOGo snowflake.

December 23, 2005