Burritos on the rocks


A sure sign that the U of C winter festival Kuviasungnerk is under way: ice sculpting in Hutch Courtyard. From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. today Jim Bringas of Chicago Ice Works chain-sawed and ice-picked a snowman, an eagle, and a sea horse. A former chef, Bringas learned the art as part of his culinary training, said coworker Angel Reyes, standing watch about ten feet away to keep onlookers and question-askers a safe distance from the roaring chainsaw.

Overlooking the ice art in progress outside the Reynolds Club, undergraduates manned three tables stocked with Chipotle burritos, which they handed out for free. “Chipotle donated 300 steak, chicken, and veggie burritos,” said third-year Bill McCormick, assistant chair of the Kuvia board. “In the first ten minutes we got rid of 150.”

Other Kuvia activities this week include Kangeiko, the 6 a.m.–8 a.m. daily calisthenics and sports at Henry Crown; faculty fireside chats in the dorms; nourishment-enhanced study breaks; and a dance marathon. The week ends with Friday’s morning lakefront “salute to the sun” and afternoon quads polar-bear run.


Photo: Bringas sculpts a snowman (top). The masses reach for free food (bottom).

January 11, 2006