Delivery from DelGiorno


"I didn't realize that many people read the Wall Street Journal," joked Bernie DelGiorno, AB'54, AB'55, MBA'55, at a champagne toast to celebrate his $5 million gift, announced this past Friday in the paper's "Gift of the Week" feature. Already he'd gotten e-mails and phone calls, he said, from recent graduates, student-athletes, and students who'd interned with him at UBS Financial Services, who said they too would like to do something for the University some day.

DelGiorno, whose gift will fund Stagg Field's lighting and artificial turf and also be used toward a new dormitory and an arts center, "is a leader among College alumni in getting us to think about other facets of University life," College Dean John Boyer, AM'69, PhD'75, told the Harper Library gathering of students, deans, administrators, and staff. DelGiorno "represents the spirit of the institution in all the best senses," added President Don M. Randel. For a glimpse of such spirit, one need only see DelGiorno at the annual Interfraternity Sing each Reunion weekend. "Anyone who believes we're all nerds at the University," Randel said, "should go to that event."

For entertainment the student a capella group Voices in Your Head performed two songsā€”Natalie Imbruglia's "Troubled By The Way We Came Together" and, from a U of C songbook that DelGiorno gave the group, the alma mater. As the students sang the 1894 tune, DelGiorno mouthed the words.

The formal presentation ended with DelGiorno's plea that students enjoy the diversions his gift would help produce. "Don't study all the time."


Photos: President Randel and Bernie DelGiorno chat before the toasts begin (top). Campus a capella group Voices in Your Head sings the alma mater (bottom).

April 11, 2006