Legal writ


Ever wanted to get in on conversations between some of Chicago's top legal minds? The Law School's faculty blog features daily posts on current affairs by the likes of Cass Sunstein, Saul Levmore, Geoffrey Stone, Randy Picker, Judge Richard Posner, his son and professor Eric Posner, and more. In yesterday's post, for example, Sunstein wonders why more economists don't advocate animal welfare. (For details on Sunstein's passion for his dog, and his prolific TV-interview career, see the April 21 Chronicle of Higher Education.) And people are reading. Sunstein's April 9 post about presidential declassification of materials prompted 45 comments. Other recent topics include teens and guns, Barry Bonds, detaining "enemy combatants," and online March Madness.

Begun September 28, 2005, the blog is meant to be "a forum in which to exchange nascent ideas with each other and also a wider audience, and to hear feedback about which ideas are compelling and which could use some re-tooling," the Law School's welcoming post says. Mission, it seems, accomplished.

Photo: Sunstein and his Rhodesian Ridgeback Perry.

Photo by Lloyd DeGrane.

April 19, 2006