C change


Recent campus visitors may have noticed something missing: the foliage that formerly secluded the C-bench. Last week the thick greenery disappeared, replaced by a neatly manicured lawn clearing the view from Cobb Hall to Swift.

The changes, says University Planner Richard Bumstead, "are part of the overall campus upgrades that are underway." The arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis 'nigra') evergreens that formerly surrounded the bench "were in decline after last year's drought," Bumstead says, "and we were having a difficult time finding large enough specimens to match the existing shrubs." Those shrubs arrived in 2000, transplanted from the Jean Block Garden behind the Reg to accommodate the Palevsky Residence Halls. Before 2000 the C-bench "was surrounded by an old planting of burning bush (Euonymous alatus), which had become very leggy and was dying out."

The new plants, he says, "will include a row of Viburnum plicatum 'wantanabe,' which will remain much shorter than the arborvitae, and will be underplanted with Siberian iris 'butter and sugar.'"


Photos: The C-bench before (top) and after (bottom) the recent pruning.

May 1, 2006