Deadline stress

Ever wonder how the University of Chicago Magazine gets out? The four editors and designer work happily and steadily along for a few weeks—and then deadline hits. Currently on deadline for the June issue—the Magazine's pages are due at our prepress house today and at final press next week—our desks are messy and minds flustered—er, focused.


IMG_6110_thumb.jpg IMG_6112_thumb.jpg IMG_6114_thumb.jpg

IMG_6117_thumb.jpg IMG_6120_thumb.jpg

Photos (first row): Associate Editor Lydia Gibson uses a complicated post-it note system while editing the "Investigations" section

Alumni News Editor Brooke O'Neill reads carefully each word of Class Notes.

Graphic Designer David Duncil ensures every word and image are in the right place.

Second row: Diet Coke fuels Editor Mary Ruth Yoe as she finishes her feature story.

Our highly technical editing system involves printing out pages and placing them on a window sill for others to read.

May 5, 2006