Pomp and preparation

The wooden folding chairs have sat in formation since Wednesday, but the finishing touches were completed Thursday for this weekend's four convocation ceremonies. Beginning Friday morning with the Law School, Harris School, and SSA ceremony, the festivities continue this afternoon with Graham School, BSD, Pritzker, Humanities, PSD, and SSD graduates; Saturday morning with the College; and Sunday afternoon with the GSB.

Thursday afternoon the tents and audio-visual equipment were set up, and a small ramp was installed over the step between the quad's center circle and the road. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's people took a walk-through before their boss arrives Saturday to address the crowd—along with convocation speaker James Chandler, the Barbara E. & Richard J. Franke professor in English and the College.

The weather for the prep work was perfect; as Friday dawned cloudy, planners hoped any rain would hold off for Chicago's 485th convocation.


IMG_6230_thumb.jpg IMG_6228_thumb.jpg IMG_6224_thumb.jpg
IMG_6227_thumb.jpg IMG_6231_thumb.jpg

Photos (left to right): The chairs await the graduates; workers prepare the dais; large screens will air the ceremony for those too far back to see; Mayor Bloomberg's people get a walk-through; Kevin from Facilities helps graduates avoid tripping.

June 9, 2006