Patriotism measured


As the blasts of Independence Day fireworks fade from memory, the U of C's National Opinion Research Center (NORC) shares news that U.S. and Canadian citizens are among the most patriotic people in the world—for different reasons.

In a recent NORC survey (.pdf) of people in 34 countries, Americans ranked highest in pride for the country's democratic system, political influence in the world, economy, science and technology achievements, and military. They ranked relatively low regarding the U.S. social-security system (12th) and sports (9th). Canadians ranked higher in pride for their social-security system (5th) and their treatment of different groups within their society (2nd) than on any other dimensions. They ranked relatively low in their pride for their sports (18th), arts and literature (16th), military (11th), and history (11th).

When asked if they would rather be a citizen of their country than any other in the world, people in the United States were first, with 75 percent strongly agreeing with the statement. The Canadians were sixth, with 56 percent strongly agreeing.

The survey was carried out by the International Social Survey Program.

Bill Harms

Photo by Dan Dry

July 5, 2006