We the people


This year the Law School offers Fourth of July revelers weary of barbeques and fireworks some patriotic reflection via the faculty blog. Visitors can check out a recording of professor emeritus David Currie, AB'57, reading the entire text of the United States Constitution—believed to be “the first free Web-based audio version” of the document. A constitutional law scholar who retired in June after 44 years at Chicago, Currie is also an actor and has been part of the University’s Gilbert and Sullivan troupe for more than 40 years. The reading was taped at Chicago’s campus radio station WHPK this past spring and can be listened to in its entirety or by section. Back in June, each 2006 Law School graduate received a copy of the recording loaded onto a USB flash drive. For everyone else, a quick download does the trick.


Photo: David P. Currie, Edward H. Levi Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus.

July 3, 2006