Dressed to sell


Although the University Bookstore was more whimsical than scary Tuesday, its Halloween flavor was clear. Employees took part in the store's costume contest, also open to customers. At the first-floor checkout counter, clerk Mary Cage dressed as a pumpkin, while assistant manager Heather Prescott sported Pippi Longstocking braids. Upstairs in the textbook department, violent royal death was the theme: Michele Joyce donned a gown as Ann Boleyn, post-beheading, while Ana Cabezas was Marie Antoinette—also with some red marks around her throat.

"The best part is trying to do returns with a serious face," said Cabezas, who spearheaded the contest. Throughout the day, as customers in Halloween costumes entered the store, employees took Polaroids, which they posted on a bulletin board. Participating customers received a free tall drink at the coffee shop, and the contest winner, chosen by store managers, would receive a $25 gift certificate.

By Wednesday morning the managers had narrowed their favorites to three people, finally choosing graduate student Jack Stockert, AB'05, covered in silver as the Vince Lombardi Super Bowl Trophy. The back of his shirt declared "Bears 2006."


Photos: Foxy Cleopatra from Austin Powers in Goldmember, Pippi Longstocking, and Marie Antoinette worked in the bookstore Tuesday (top); Polaroids of costumed customers adorned the bulletin board (bottom).

November 1, 2006