Lunch and Hunger


After the vegetarian Cobb salad, vegetable pot pie, and chocolate-chunk cookies had been served and consumed at the Divinity School lunch this Wednesday, the 50 or so diners settled back for the post-lunch entertainment, a concert by 2006 MDiv grad Ana Porter.

Porter works a day job as a consulting minister at Unity Church in Oak Park, Illinois, but the dark-haired, dark-eyed 34-year-old is also a singer-songwriter whose work Billboard has called “melodically rich...lyrically evocative." The songs on her 2005 debut album, Hunger (on sale at the lunch and via her Web site), provided the majority of her Swift Commons material, from the award-winning title track (inspired by “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”) to the crowd-pleasing “Two Boyfriends":

I need two boyfriends,
one for the week, one for the weekend.

Lunch over, the audience was hungry for more.


Ana Porter, MDiv’06, sings of life and love at the last Divinity School lunch of the fall quarter. Photo by Joy Olivia Miller.

December 1, 2006