Chocaholics convene

By 7:10 p.m., 30 students had gathered in Stuart Hall's basement, milling around a table covered with chocolate-dipped strawberries, chocolate almond bark, chocolate turtles, and chocolate lollipops. Waiting for the Culinary Club's chocolate study break to begin made them antsy.

Five minutes later, a club member raised her voice above the chatter. "You may take three chocolates apiece—and don't take more than one of the same kind." Members seemed worried about a free-for-all, but the students formed a neat line, choosing from white, milk, or dark chocolate confections and moose-, horse-, cow-, and cat-shaped lollipops all made by Old Town chocolate shop The Fudge Pot.

While most attendants then sat down, mouths full, a handful scanned the posted information sheets about chocolate's history, manufacturing process, and terminology, courtesy of the Field Museum's Chocolate Exhibition Web site.

When asked whose idea the study break was, the Culinary Club pointed to member Teresa Lim, '07. Lim said she organized the study break "because I like chocolate," before explaining that it was part of the club's winter sweets and desserts theme. Added another member, "Overall, it's just winter quarter and we thought chocolate would make people happy."

Jenny Fisher, '07

Setup2_thumb.jpg Choosing_thumb.jpg Readinginfo_thumb.jpg

Photos (left to right): Culinary Club members unveil the treats; students take their pick; some read up on chocolate.

February 27, 2007