Snow days

Tuesday and Wednesday were snowy, windy, and just plain miserable in Chicago, bringing a foot of snow to Midway Airport and gusts of 30–50 mph, according to the National Weather Service. On campus, Magazine photographer Dan Dry braved the sting to capture some classic moments.


bundled_thumb.jpg bus%20stop_thumb.jpg eat_thumb.jpg
fountain_thumb.jpg stroll_thumb.jpg stuck_thumb.jpg
whiteout_thumb.jpg yuck_thumb.jpg

Row 1, left to right: On the main quads, faces hide as well as they can; students count the seconds until the bus arrives at Woodlawn and 57th; geese burrow in for a snack on the Midway.

Row 2: A burst of color brightens Hutch Courtyard; sidewalks yet unshoveled, pedestrians take to the street; sometimes German engineering is no match for Chicago weather.

Row 3: That's no backdrop: Hutch Court's a whiteout; This woman's face says it all: yuck.

Photos by Dan Dry.

February 15, 2007