The right thing

Pop-icon film director-producer Spike Lee, whose credits include He Got Game, Do the Right Thing, and Malcolm X, visited the South Side Wednesday afternoon to speak with some 300 Chicago Public School students, including 75 enrolled in the University’s Collegiate Scholars Program.

In his talk—part of this year’s four-city “Inspiration Tour,” sponsored by the Electronic Arts Corporation—Lee urged the students, gathered at the Urban Prep Charter Academy for Young Men in Ingleside, to thank their teachers and staff for all they do for them on a daily basis: “their riches come with the richness of your mind.”

In an after-lecture reception, Lee fielded the students’ questions on topics from film-making to college to sports. The New Yorker, an avid sports fan, closed the session by teasing the students about the past performances of the Chicago Bears and the Chicago Cubs.


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Photos (left to right): Director Spike Lee prepares for his talk; at the podium; attentive listeners; and a thank-you gift, presented by Collegiate Scholar José Choto.

Photos by Dan Dry.

March 28, 2007