Rugby's kinder, gentler side


“It’s a sport that’s more touchy-feely than others,” said women’s rugby team captain Karyl Kopaskie, ’07, as she kneaded another student’s shoulders Tuesday afternoon. This past Monday through Wednesday, the team offered free ($2 suggested donation) massages to weary exam-takers passing through the Reynolds Club. “We have strong hands,” added team member Laurel Buchi-Fotre, ’10. The team, started in 1995, has held a massage fundraiser for the past five years. Though the masseuses don’t have formal bodywork training, said team member Laura McFarland, ’08, their heavy-contact sport—and the self-administered shoulder rubs that often follow a game—have taught them much about muscles. Students taking advantage of the team’s know-how agreed: “These guys know how to massage,” said a male student, leaning back into the dark wood chair.


Photo: Rugby players Laura McFarland (left) and Karyl Kopaskie (right) set up a mini-spa, loosening tight muscles in Reynolds Club.

March 16, 2007