April showers

Yes, "April showers" can often mean snow in Chicago. Still, the shock of the old doesn't dissipate. Today's heavy, slushy mix of rain and snow forced Hyde Parkers to unpack their heavy coats, hats, and even boots to muddle across campus.

An inch of snow is expected to fall in the city today, with 20-30 mph winds, according to local weatherman Tom Skilling, while another two inches could fall tonight. The Cubs canceled their final game in a losing series against the Astros (the Sox are in Oakland), and the city sent out 177 plows to clear the streets.

Despite the snow, spring does appear on the horizon. The National Weather Service's seven-day forecast shows highs of 62 degrees for Monday and Tuesday.


IMG_7675_thumb.jpg IMG_7671_thumb.jpg CIMG0565_thumb.jpg

Photos (left to right): This morning proved a whiteout at the U of C Bookstore; the Quads seem more January than April; tulips on 57th Street try in vain to guard against the snow (photo by Tony Englert).

April 11, 2007