Gone with the breeze

Saturday may have been Summer Breeze, the annual carnival on the quads and concert in Hutch Court, but for Magazine photographer Dan Dry there was work to do. Dry captured students and others enjoying the daytime games and food and the evening jams with Spoon and the Roots. With lots of sun and temps in the 70s, it was hard work indeed. Sunday was back to normal: cool, damp, and gray.


Cookout%20on%20Quads_thumb.jpg Cotton%20Candy%20Booth_thumb.jpg Crowd%20cheering%20on%20SPOON%20in%20the%20concert_thumb.jpg
Mouse%20Trap%20Game_thumb.jpg Velcro%20Wall_thumb.jpg Winning%20Chariott%20Race%20Teams_thumb.jpg

Photos (left to right): It was a lovely day to barbeque burgers (beef and veggie); a student works the cotton-candy booth; concert goers cheer on Spoon.

A student navigates the mouse maze; another affixes herself to the Velcro wall; the winning chariot-race team rides from Harper Library to Hull Gate.

Photos by Dan Dry.

May 21, 2007