Emerging art

During the Hyde Park Art Center's spring session, students in the Silkscreen: Posters, Propaganda and Protest class pasted politically tinged work on a plywood board outside the building. For the Impart Process exhibition, curated by Philip Nadasdy, the warped, thin board hangs on the center's second floor, alongside other works that give visitors a look into students' creative and learning processes.

Impart Process reveals how the students developed their silkscreen prints, including studies, proofs, and finished products. Viewers learn what ideas were scrapped but also the subtle variations in different prints. One print, reading, "Teach Our Children To Consume," comes in several versions; all feature two chubby, staring children, but only the more complete copies show the print's message and full array of colors.

The exhibit also features a separate class's white stoneware.Two ceramics students, Astrid Fingerhut and Penelope van Grinsven, AB'07, crafted pieces that incorporate water pumps and found objects such as stools. To conclude their class, Fingerhut and van Grinsven also worked together on a ceramic fish mobile, which hangs at the end of the gallery.

The exhibition runs through August 26.

Seth Mayer, '08

IMG_8093_thumb.jpg IMG_8094_thumb.jpg IMG_8083_thumb.jpg

Photos (left to right): Astrid Fingerhut's Katrina Survivor; Penelope Van Grinsen's Dwayne; the students' plywood board is now part of the Impart Process exhibition.

July 13, 2007