Ice cream tops career advice


University students and staff sought relief from midday heat and midweek doldrums at the Career Advising and Planning Services’ Cool Off With CAPS event last Wednesday. Although the event was advertised as both an opportunity for free ice cream and a chance to ask CAPS staff questions, more students ate frozen treats than reviewed résumés.

A line snaked through the main quad, at one point more than 70 deep, as people waited for their chance to choose between ice-cream sandwiches, strawberry shortcakes, Choco Tacos, and fruit bars. The Cool Off's one blemish may have been its lack of ice cream, which was gone by 1:30. In contrast, few students requested job-search advice. Katy Huff, '08, went to the event for help with a résumé she had "been using for years." Huff, a physics major, reported that she was initially hesitant to use CAPS because she thought that the service did not have "many resources for science majors." She ended up pleased with both the advice and the side of ice cream.

Ethan Frenchman, '08

Photos: CAPS staff distribute cold treats; a woman assesses the view from the back of the line.

August 3, 2007