Move over, Buffy.


He came from heaven, two stakes in his hand,
to smote the vampires and free that land.
Come now and join him, all ye strong and bold;
We'll fight together, like the days of old.

So the chorus heralds Jesus Christ's "return" to Ottawa, Canada, in the independent thriller-musical-kung-fu comedy Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter, shown at the midnight Doc Films showing on Halloween. Roughly 60 students, many costumed for free admission, came to see Jesus, summoned by concerned Ottawa-area priests, use kung fu and poorly choreographed musical numbers to stop a cabal of lesbian vampires from taking over the world and to save his partner, Mary Magnum.

As one might expect from a roomful of midnight-moviegoing Chicago undergrads, their costumes ranged from retro to literary, gruesome, and even sociological. Get-ups included Carmen Sandiego of the children's video-game and television-show franchise, Alice in Wonderland, Wrath, and American sociologist Talcott Parsons.

Ethan Frenchman, '08

Photos: Costumed students await Jesus's midnight slaughter of the vampires; Talcott Parsons, center, flanked by Chocolate Moose and Wrath, were among the honored costumes.

November 5, 2007