Pint, counter-pint


The Class of 2008 took a sip before plunging into finals week on Wednesday at ORCSA's Fall Quarter Senior Pub Night. Tippling began promptly at 8 p.m. as a line of students, snaking from the basement up the stairs and around Ida Noyes Hall's main lobby, was set loose on the bar.

Outside the Pub's entryway, 342 "Senior Class 2008" pint glasses were distributed in the first 35 minutes, said College Programming Office assistant director Sam Maher Sheahan. Many seniors were ready for the event, coming on what Maher Sheahan described as the "Wednesday that falls before nothing." Tenth week ended earlier in the day, with reading period segueing into finals week on Monday. Even so, the turnout was unusual given the frigid weather. "People usually just drift in," Maher Sheahan noted, "this time the glasses ran out fast."

Senior Alexandra Raphel was not about to give up on a chance to receive her "free $120,000 mug," she said. The trip through the cold ended up being well worth it for Raphel: "The atmosphere was really lively and fun, and I was glad to see other members of the Class of 2008 I don't often run into."

Ethan Frenchman, '08

Photo: Zoƫ Samels, '08, and May Yu, '08, play with senior glasses (far left and right, respectively), while your reporter, in brown and beard, gets into the spirit of pre-finals jollity.

Photo courtesy Vania Wang, '08

November 30, 2007