New year, new deal


After almost a year of negotiations, University administrators and U of C campus and facilities workers agreed on a new three-year contract on December 21. Since January 2007 the workers' union, Teamsters Local 743, and student supporters have argued for higher wages and bonuses.

According to Students Organizing United with Labor (SOUL), under the new contract clerical workers will get a three-percent raise, and service and maintenance workers will receive a 45-cent hourly increase, both retroactive to March 2007. Wages will continue to rise—two percent for clerical workers in March and September 2008 and 3.5 percent in March 2009, and 40 cents per hour in March 2008 and March 2009 for the other workers.


Photo: For most of 2007 campus workers and U of C students campaigned for higher wages.

Photo courtesy Students Organizing United with Labor

January 2, 2008