Speaking of DIY...


During college Dorothee Royal-Hedinger and Hassan Ali (both AB'07) found time to make short films for such media companies as Al Gore's Current TV. Ali, a former Maroon editor and Magazine intern, has produced and directed videos for Current TV's "What's Wrong With..." and "Joe Gets..." series, and Royal-Hedinger's credits include the film Sun-Powered Purses about an environmentally friendly bag-design company.

Now, the two have joined forces to start their own culturally aware online video production company, Fresh Cut Media. Launched in January, Fresh Cut focuses "on unique content that is often overlooked by the mainstream media," and its shows include Dropping In, short profiles of interesting people and places, and DIY. "These people got off the couch and did it themselves," reads the site's explanatory blurb. Much of the content comes out of the Chicago area—one of the Dropping In videos, "Avant Gaudy," features Deborah Umunnabuike, '09, and Vincent Choi, AB'06, who run an online fashion boutique of the same name.


Photo: Fresh Cut Media posts online videos featuring non-mainstream art, culture, news, and commentary.

February 18, 2008