Invitation to help


Setting up a tent on the Quads for three days last week, Resources for Sexual Violence Prevention (RSVP) closed out April—Sexual Assault Awareness Month—by giving away water bottles, popcorn, copies of the Women's Guide to the University of Chicago, and blue ribbons for passersby to honor victims they've known.

"A lot of people stop by and say, 'I never knew you were on campus,'" said RSVP peer educator Emily Tancer, '08, who staffed the booth with fellow fourth-year Liz Litchfield on Wednesday. The tent, Tancer said, helped spread the word about the organization, housed in the Administration Building basement as part of the Vice President and Dean of Students in the University's office. Professors, staff, and students had all stopped by that day.

Tancer and Litchfield attended a weekend training retreat earlier this year and now give workshops on "acquaintance rape and rape culture," Tancer said, for houses, RSOs, and other groups. Part of the reason for the tent, she said, was to recruit more peer educators for next year.


Photos: The RSVP tent offered both popcorn and blue ribbons; images in popular culture, Tancer said, often portray women's bodies as objects and men as "hypersexual aggressors."

May 4, 2008