Benched for the season


Where the "leaning tree" (removed in 2005) once stood on a patch of grass between the Oriental Institute and Rockefeller Memorial Chapel—its low-lying bough providing a natural perch—now there is a sitting area with several benches, lampposts, and greenery. The benches form a circle at 58th and Woodlawn and also line up toward the OI and south along Woodlawn.

"It's nice to have a place out here to sit down and relax that's outside the main quads," said Tom James, the OI Museum's curatorial assistant, having a mid-morning snack on one of the benches Thursday. He noticed the new amenities, which had been surrounded by work fences for several months, early this week. He especially appreciates the added lighting. "Last night I was here until 9:30, and afterward I came out and sat for a while."


Photos: Tom James enjoys the new benches near the OI; two students sit in the circular area.

June 6, 2008