Caught in a whirlwind

On summer evenings the wait at the eastbound bus stop opposite the Garfield Red Line station is usually a solitary experience. But last Sunday night—coinciding with the start of Orientation Week—was different. Hordes of Chicago first-years disembarked from the train and, excitedly chatting with their new roommates or friends or crushes, crossed Garfield Avenue to wait for the 55 or 174 buses to take them back to their new home in Pierce. It was a tight squeeze.




The students were returning from an Orientation Week House Activities Night trip up north to play Whirlyball, a Henderson House tradition, says resident head David Muusz.

Whirlyball? It's "basically a five-on-five version of lacrosse, basketball, and bumper cars," he explains. The 43 Henderson students played ten-minute games with rotating teams. "It was just a great opportunity for everybody to get to know one another, to experience the CTA"—the Chicago Whirlyball location is right off Fullerton Avenue—"and to bond." Tufts House first-years also chose to play this year, sparking some friendly competition between the two houses. They played two games against the Henderson crew. Says Muusz, "[Tufts] managed to hang on and eke out a draw in both games. Pure luck!"


Henderson House first-years enjoy a few hours of Whirlyball.
Photos by Stephanie Kahn, '12

September 23, 2008