Artistic specimens

Detail from Eduardo Kac's Move 3

Twenty-somethings donning funky scarves and businessmen in neatly pressed suits danced around each other to find seats before the start of last Monday's ARS Scientia salon, an event held twice a month at the Chicago Cultural Center. Knowing I couldn't stay for the entire event, I gave up my seat for another attendee. With the 6 p.m. start time looming, strangers reluctantly split from their parties and plopped into the few random single seats available while two Cultural Center staffers quickly squeezed a few more chairs onto the floor for some of the remaining crowd that was spilling out the doorway.

We didn't know it, but during the find-a-seat commotion, Dario Maestripieri, professor of comparative human development and evolutionary biology—and one of the event's four panelists—logged our predictable pre-event behavior as only a researcher would.

Watch as Maestripieri turned his amusing observations of our shuffling into one of the highlights of the evening:

Joy Olivia Miller

March 2, 2009