Stuff We Like: Sticking point; net worthless; and and milestone

"New 'Electronic Glue' Promises Less Expensive Semiconductors" (Freakonomics blog, Science Daily, Jun. 11, 2009)
Developed in assistant professor of chemistry Dmitri Talapin's laboratory at the University of Chicago, "electronic glue"—created from the coupling between nanocrystals in inorganic molecules—accelerates advances in semiconductor-based technologies.

"Americans' Wealth Drops $1.3 trillion" (CNN Money,, Jun. 11, 2009)
Debt levels are unsustainable and have to come down to bring back financial health, says finance professor Amir Sufi: "Household deleveraging has to happen even though it's painful."


  • "A Franklin Celebration" (Duke Today, Jun. 11, 2009)
    Former President Bill Clinton led a celebratory ceremony at Duke University to remember professor emeritus of history John Hope Franklin.

June 12, 2009