Stuff We Like: Particles accelerated, organized donations, and more

"Grains of Sand Reveal Possible Fifth State of Matter" (Wired Science blog, Wired, Jun. 24, 2009)
“Physicists have a rich toolbox for dealing with solids, liquids, and gases," says physics professor Heinrich Jaeger. "We don’t have a manual for when the old categories don’t apply.”

"How To Get A Liver When You Need One" (Forbes, Jun. 30, 2009)
Chicago Booth's Gary Becker, AM'53, PhD'55, estimates that we could completely eliminate the shortage of donor kidneys by paying donors about $15,000.

"Compensation Nation" (Slate, Jun. 19, 2009)
"It's time to formally compensate the victims of overzealous counter-terrorism policies," writes Aziz Huq, who joins the Law School as an assistant professor this month.


  • "Fifty Books for Our Times" (Newsweek, Jun. 27, 2009)
    Newsweek editors named professor Jerry Coyne's book Why Evolution Is True as their #39 what-to-read-now tome. "Even innocent bystanders in the culture wars," they write, "should understand the evidence that supports evolution."

July 2, 2009