Wherefore art thou, Oreo?


I have to think patrons at the Globe would have appreciated Shakespeare’s work even more had they seen his plays on free-milkshake day.

The shakes flowed freely—at least to the first 150 people—at Wednesday’s Shakes and Shakespeare event, with the C-Shop providing the goodies and the Dean’s Men providing the entertainment. A few dozen people watched the troupe’s abridged depiction of Julius Caesar through the first three acts, though we’ll have to wait until next week for the conclusion (warning: lots of impaling).

It was the first of four Shakes and Shakespeare events—part of the summer’s Bartlett Break Days series—with the Dean’s Men presenting Antony and Cleopatra in two parts later this month. The supply of free shakes lasted until well after the show started, but supplies will be limited if a bigger crowd shows up next week to watch Cassius meet his maker.

An informal affair, the play took place on a small stage at the north end of Bartlett Quad, where a student from ORCSA handed out the milkshake vouchers. I wandered between Einstein Bagels and the quad a few times before finding him at the back of the audience, but the strawberry-whipped-cream-Oreo goodness was worth the journey, and I still got a good view of Caesar’s demise.

Jake Grubman, ’11

August 7, 2009