Market Madness: Yo-yos and Indifferences move on

Market Madness

Who fouled up the economy? Chicago sports economist Allen Sanderson seeded the teams for our bracket. Was it the Chicago School? Investment banks? Consumers? As part of the University of Chicago Magazine's special issue on the economy, you can vote on each matchup to help determine who, or what, ultimately caused the deepest downturn since the Depression. The chosen culprit will be announced October 5.

The results from the first two rounds are in and voters picked the Yo-yos (68 percent) over the Distavores and the Indifferences (83 percent) trounced the PROGS. Sign-in and vote on today's matchup between the Moral Hazards and Feeding Frenzies. Participation enters you to win a free lunch on us. Check back at the Market Madness site weekdays at noon to see results and vote on the next matchup.

Sanderson, who—like a majority of our voters—picked the Yo-yos and Indifferences to move on, explains his choices:

sanderson-headshot.jpg Region I: Washington, DC

Yo-yos v. Distavores

The Yo-yos of the Federal Reserve trounce the Distovores. While there are certainly international aspects to the crisis (or crises), this one is pretty much “Made in the U.S.A.” and when things go south, pointing a finger at the Fed is usually a safe bet.

Indifferences v. PROGS

Although the Obama administration can certainly be blamed—and will be—for using a crisis to further its political agendas, which may well lead to an inflationary period and slower long-term economic growth, the recession began on W’s watch, and the Indifferences get the win here.

September 10, 2009