Artistic impulse


“Creativity isn’t a matter of ‘which color do I pick’ or ‘which word do I use.’ It’s an act of the mind which dares to ask ‘How do I take what I have and turn it into the message I want to communicate? ... Computer programming, regression analysis, means, medians, and standard deviations. Not exactly the colors of the rainbow, but they’re the colors on my paintbrush.”—Mark Desmarais, AB’06

Whether you’re a mathematician or a professional artist, everyone has creative insights. As part of 60 Days of UChicago Art, a campus-wide celebration of music, theater, dance, cinema, creative writing, and artistic thought, the UofC Theater Blog is collecting personal impressions of creativity with its 200 word project. Share yours today!

Your mission:

1. Please consider ONE of following in 200 words or fewer:

  • Tell us about an encounter with the arts that profoundly moved you or changed you.

  • How do you experience creativity in your work?

2. E-mail your submission to with “200 word project” in the subject title. One entry will be posted each day April through June.

Entries are welcome from all University of Chicago students, staff, faculty, and alumni.

April 8, 2010