Hyde Parked

These perpetually parked campus vehicles are going nowhere fast.

Ah, spring in Hyde Park. The trees are blooming, the parakeets are squawking, the soon-to-be graduates are printing their theses and dissertations. But along with spring comes street-cleaning season, and with street cleaning comes the need to move your car before it gets a ticket. With that in mind, UChiBLOGo is pleased to present you with this photo essay of the Hyde Park clunkers that won’t be moving any time soon.

1. In a University-owned parking lot we see what appears to be a 1966 Mercury Colony Park wagon and a late-‘70s (maybe 1976?) Chevrolet Nova. (Seen at 60th and Stony Island.)


2. Arguably the last decent car built by American Motors, the AMC Eagle mated a car body with a Jeep four-wheel drive, making it a sort of early crossover. I spotted this 1980s Eagle around 52nd and Dorchester.


3. This early-‘70s (1971-1976) Cadillac Coupe de Ville doesn’t look capable of making its way from the eastern seaboard under its own power, although the plates say it’s from Maine. (Seen near Nichols Park, 54th and Greenwood.)


4. Other than a thin coat of rust all over the body, this 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle Super Sport seems to be cared for pretty well, with clean windows and nicely polished chrome. The lack of a current license plate and city sticker might make legal operation a problem, though. (Spotted at 55th and Greenwood.)


5. I can understand keeping a barely functioning old Caddy or muscle car around well past the point of no repair, but, seriously, a ‘77 Chevy Monte Carlo? This wasn’t a great car even new, so I can only assume there’s some kind of emotional connection for the owner. (Seen at 55th and Ellis.)


6. Badly damaged 1967 Chevrolet Impala or mock-up for a new building by Frank Gehry? You be the judge. (Seen in front of Breckinridge House, 59th and Harper.)


For more deserted cars, click here for the complete collection on Flickr.

Benjamin Recchie, AB'03

Photography by Benjamin Recchie, AB'03.

May 14, 2010