My Brief Encounter with Muhammad Yunus, the Nicest Banker I Know

Harris School student Sohair Omar rubs elbows with the microfinance rock star.

Yunus.jpgThere was a lot of commotion in the lobby of the Hilton Chicago hotel, businessmen coming and going. I had butterflies in my stomach as I waited for Muhammad Yunus to arrive.

I’ve been learning about his work for years, how his group-banking model has helped more than 8 million people, mostly women, start businesses in small villages around the world. Now other banks are following his lead, helping people help themselves. Yunus won the Nobel Peace Prize for this, though you would have never guessed it as he came walking down the hallway...

Read Sohair's story, as told to Steven Yaccino, here.

Muhammad Yunus. Photo courtesy the Harris School

June 7, 2010