Buy buy buy!

An alum is named one of New York's most attractive traders.

Register him with the SEC and call him a hedge fund, because Jason Mudrick, AB'97, is about to get some sizable returns.

That's because Mudrick was named one of New York Magazine's Foxes of Finance, one of only 14 New York traders to earn such praise. And not only are they attractive and, in our man's case, extremely intelligent; they're not taken!

According to the authors, the magazine basically just called a bunch of places on Wall Street asking around for the most attractive, nice, smart dudes still on the market. (Pun very much intended.) And then they stalked them on Facebook.

NY Mag explains the slideshow: "The rest of America may see the warriors of Wall Street as faceless, greedy jerks, but here in New York, we know them to be a rich tapestry of individuals with thoughts, interests, and feelings. Some of whom, in addition to being very wealthy, are actually quite good-looking!"

We may be biased, but we think Mudrick, who is president and CEO of Mudrick Capital (at just 35!), is the cream of the crop. Look at that smile! Talk about private equity. And he's taught at Harvard. So not only is he more attractive than a squirrel—a perennial U of C preoccupation, or so they say—he's braver, too!

Sigh. Jason Mudrick: he really puts the "stag" in stagflation.

Asher Klein, '11

July 1, 2010